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Price : LBP1,900,000.00 (Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : July 22, 2020
Delivery Service : Not Available
Location :Airport Road
Pcs for sale
Several models:
Core i3/4160 @3.6GHz model A
Core i3/6100 @3.7GHz model B
Core i5/3330 @3.0GHz model C
Nvidia GT 730 4GB dedicated VGA 
8Gb of DDr3 RAM 
64-bit system
1Tb HDD 
LG LED 19″ HD monitor @ 75Hz refresh rate 
Free mouse keyboard pad ethernet cable
High base clock cpu speed
Suitable for Autocad and heavy softwares
Suitable for moderate gaming (gtaV or Dota2..)
PUBG Mobile installed
Pc contains some pre-installed games
Additional UPS available upon request
(1,900,000LBP for i3)
(220$ USD for i3) 
(2,100,000LBP for i5)
(245$ USD for i5) 
(190,000 for UPS) 
Special price for bundle.
Contact Us @ 71 405 935
                       @ 71 569 532