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Price : USD800.00
Type : Sell
Date : December 17, 2021
Age Rating : 17
Game Released On : 2013
Genre : MOBA
Game Website : View website
Game Brief : Multi-player online game
Delivery Service : Not Available
Location : Chehim

Divine 1 Rank.
Full 2019/2020 battlepass Nemestice battlepass Winter’s battlepass (Released on 15 December).
600 MVPs.
16500 Commends.
Dota plus heroes’ levels:
Level 30: Invoker/Earthshaker/Techies.
Level 25 : Pudge(29)/Tinker(27). 
Level 18 : SF(23)/AM(20)/Enigma(20)/Lion(18).
Most of the other heroes are gold tiers and some silver tiers.
Arcana sets: Pudge (Style2), SF, Wraith king (Style1), QOP (Style1), Wind ranger (Style1), Earthshaker (Style2).
Persona sets: Invoker, Dragon knight, Pudge, AM.
10 Exclusice collector’s cache full sets.
146  Immortal items.
Many different full exclusive sets for almost all the heroes!
10900 Dota2 hours played on the account.
First match played in 2017.
All heroes played so 0 ban risk!!
No VAC bans, clean account.
Whatsapp: 78897118



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